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Animation Final – AR


For the AR assignments, I made a AR version of little match girl story. I followed the tutorial that makes a ball appear on the metrocard and wondered, how I could expand based on this. It happened to me that I could realize some fancy fairy tale story that had dreams and illusions in it, which exactly the perfect usage of AR.

Roi had the same idea of realizing some interesting fairy tales so we worked together to make the final assignment. She came up with the idea of visualizing the Little Match Girl that we all heard in our childhood. I said, oh it was so great.

So we split the workload: she’s in charge of finding the assets and I chose to put them together.


She found some great assets on the Unity Assets Store: the fireplace and an animated fire. So the only thing we need is a tiny match box. I downloaded a box online and put it at the bottom layer of the image target place, and place the fireplace on top of it. I also placed the fire under the parent of the fireplace. I triggered the fire to play by adding a script “Animation Trigger” in Gabe’s Hypercinema package. So the fire can animate once it detected the image.

Roi then said, we don’t we add a story-telling sound when we play the AR scene. She found a perfect recording which exactly told the parts of the story of when little girl firstly stroke a match and saw the fireplace. So I put it into the script by adding “EasyEventHandler”. It could play sound now.

Sadly, when I exported the packages of our AR assignment from Laptop we borrowed to my computer, it crashed when I hit the play, which made me soooo sad.


In the class, Marianne said it was the access of camera issue. This was the problem I found online before, and I followed the solution they provided, but I cannot find the Unity option in my privacy settings.

I tried tons of times when I got home.

  • uninstalled and installed different version of Unity and unity hub, not working.
  • Drag the Unity to the dock and open through dock instead of Unity hub. but it always triggered Unity hub. Not working.
  • change the system language to English and uninstalled and reinstalled the Unity. Not working.
  • reinstalled Vuforia plugin. Not working.
  • restart computer. Not working
  • Finally. I found a solution online by searching “how my apps are shown in the privacy settings”. There was a blog talking about how to get the camera and microphone access in Mojave system.

    He mentioned that you can reset the camera settings by issuing the following commands in the Terminal: tccutil reset Camera and tccutil reset Microphone.

    I reset the camera settings and this time, it WORKED when I hit the play in Unity. It asked my to allow my access to camera for the first time.

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