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Homework 3 — Reflection and Storyboard

Reflection of Sound Walk Design

For the last two weeks, I worked with Venessa to make a short piece of sound walk. We brainstormed the whole story and planned the sounds we need to collect/mimic. Venessa wrote the script and made voice over, and I was mainly in charge of the sound edittng.

For the experience, I learned a lot about how to make high-quality sounds (which was unexpectedly the hardest part of the whole process). It was sooooo hard to record the sound we wanted without obvious noises.

And there was indeed a huge difference using different sound recorders. Venessa had to record voice-over TWICE using shotgun due to the differnt tones that zoom+shotgun and iphone recorder collected.

In all, awesome experience to make sound! Really enjoy it.

Storyboard for Video

From this week, we are moving to video-making class! Excited to learn new things! And work with fun people!

Collaborators: Helen Zegarra, Julian Matthews.

Video Description:

Every graduate student shares a common denominator: the struggle of time management. We would all like to be able to do it all, after all it’s this ambitious nature that brought us to grad school in the first place. Unfortunately, the linear nature of the Gregorian calendar only allocates us 24 hours a day, which does not allow us the proper time to pursue all of the pleasures in life – specifically, sleeping, eating and partying. 

However, with Time Management (name pending), now you can! Our human-centered application and tool allows users to sleep, eat and party on command at anytime and anyplace in a time efficient manner. 

Shot Selection:

Medium Close Up: For the majority of this infomercial, we decided to employ a Medium Close Up shot with the intention of registering the subject’s facial expressions, emotions and reactions while also retaining some of the foreground and background. For this specific video, the subject needs to be the center of attention, especially considering they are model user for our application. However, the subject’s surroundings are also important given that interaction is a crucial element of this application & tool.

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